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Photo of 1951 Chevy Coupe viewed by La Palma Mobile Mechanic for vehicle repairs in Artesia, California.

Artesia is very close to La Palma Mobile Mechanic and we perform many mobile vehicle repairs and mechanic work there.  If you have problems with your car not starting, dead battery, fluid leaking, check engine light, or need us to perform a diagnostic check on your car, just give us a call and we'll schedule a repair technician to see you at your convenient location.

Artesia Background

Artesia is a Town in southeast Los Angeles County, California. Artesia was featured on May 29, 1959, and is currently among Los Angeles County's Gateway Cities. The town includes 2010 census inhabitants of 16,522. Artesia is surrounded by the west, south, and west sides by Cerritos, together with Norwalk into the northwest. Artesia is the house of the East-West Ice Palace, an ice rink that's co-owned from Michelle Kwan. This was the childhood home of prior First Lady Pat Nixon, that dwelt there from 1914 to 1931, even although the land where she grew up has become a part of neighboring Cerritos.

Artesia History

Artesia was known for its numerous streaming wells in the region, which left the village perfect for agriculture and farming.

From the 1920s and 1930s, Dutch along with Portuguese farmers built Artesia into among the most essential dairy farm districts in Southern California. Following World War II, as with a number of other cities in the area, Artesia was driven by developers to construct residential tracts. The town of Dairy Valley has been included in 1956 and became the city of Cerritos. Since the demand for home lasted, dairymen transferred their operations farther west to Chino and north to the Central Valley. Artesia finally integrated on May 29, 1959.

Back in 1993, the Artesia Historical Society has been formed, together with the mission of protecting and preserving the writings and historical sites of this city. Back in 2002, the Ancient Society restored and reprinted among those last surviving Spanish styled houses from town to some historic civic museum available to the general public.

Artesia Water Tower

Among the more recognizable landmarks in town is that the Artesia water tower. Not a lot is known concerning its busy past or whenever it had been assembled. The City of Artesia is presently hoping to get the tower announced as a Historic Landmark and so is requesting its citizens for historic info and photographs of this tower.

The water tower could hold 50,000 gallons of water also was owned by the Southern California Water Company prior to being marketed into the Town of Artesia in 1988. The tower was meant to be utilized only as a stage of historic interest, and also to supply a particular individuality into the community. Soon after its order, the afterward green tower was painted into its existing color with the accession of this title Artesia painted on either side.

It sits along with an artesian well; constructed in 1911. But, no list of its structure is found. Even though it could have been a bigger wooden flooring, to be eligible for historical designation in California, the factual proof has to be shown.


Artesia Map