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Belts & Hoses

Photo of La Palma Mobile Mechanic in Cerritos, California, replacing a vehicle radiator hose that was leaking.

La Palma Mobile Mechanic technicians have belts and hoses completely figured out.  As mobile auto repair techs, we see lots of belts and hoses fail  All of those many failures have given us a ton of experience dealing with this exact issue.  We've all become masters at replacing them.  So if you have a belt or hose failure, don't continue to drive with it, you could do major damage.  Call the pros at La Palma Mobile Mechanic and have one of our friendly knowledgeable repair mechanics fix your leaking hose or broken belt and get your car running again


A vehicle's drive belt is a critical component in today's cars and trucks. Often referred to as a serpentine belt, it's a single belt that weaves its way through, over, and around numerous pulleys that drive many different components. A drive belt is usually responsible for powering the alternator, water pump, steering pump, AC compressor, and exhaust control components. Serpentine belts are very robust and normally last from 45,000 to 75,000 miles before needing to be replaced. Telltale signs that your belt is reaching the end of its useful life are squealing or screeching sounds. When you hear things like that coming from your engine compartment, have your belts checked out right away. In addition to being left stranded if it breaks, they sometimes shred when they fail in such a way that they make a tangled mess within the pulley system and it takes a lot of time to clean it all out before installing a new replacement one. This shredding condition is usually seen in belts with misaligned pulleys or tensioners, older belts tend to do it as well.


La Palma Mobile Mechanic technicians see torn and leaking hoses quite often.  One of the first signs of a failing hose is white smoke.  The coolant is leaking out of the hose and turning to steam as it hits the super hot engine or exhaust system.  In other instances, if the car hasn't been driven too much, the coolant won't even get hot enough to turn to be forced out under pressure and in those cases, you'll just notice a puddle of coolant (usually green) under your car.  If you see this, you know you've lost some of your coolant, and it's important to not drive very much without having enough fluid in your system.  Driving your car without sufficient coolant can cause internal engine damage like blown head gaskets or even warping the heads of the engine, especially if they're made of aluminum.  Make sure to take care of coolant leaks at the first opportunity by calling us and getting it or any other needed auto repairs checked out.

Importance of Belts and Hoses

Belts and hoses play an important role in many systems of your car including the cooling system, air conditioning, alternator, radiator, heater core, and others.  As they are constantly exposed to extreme heat, vibrations, and chemicals they have some of the shortest lifespans of any other vehicle components.  This is one of the reasons why regular maintenance is so important.  It affords vehicle owners the chance to have experienced mechanics look things over and catch problems before they turn into real nightmares.  Since belts and hoses tend to dry out over time and crack and break, it's important to catch these weakened and worn parts before they completely fail to avoid potential vehicle breakdowns.  Sudden failure of a hose or belt can leave you stranded and needing a tow truck.

Belt and Hose Repairs and Replacement

La Palma Mobile Mechanic offers complete belt and hose repair services at your doorsteps.  Our team of expert mechanics understands what your car needs and will assess the condition of your coolant hoses, drive belt, fan belt, heater hoses, hose clamps, radiator hoses, serpentine belt, timing belt, timing chain, timing belt cover, and timing belt pulleys.

We know that missing regular maintenance visits can result in your car breaking down.  So when we see your car, we check for areas that are subject to problems from failing belts and hoses.

Normal driving also can contribute to the issues of your cars’ belts and hoses.  Some important causes are the age of your car, the mileage, tension of belts, clamp failure, contaminated oil, etc.  Some common symptoms are squeaking sounds, coolant leaks, dashboard warning light, no air conditioning, and overheating.