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Brake System

La Palma Mobile Mechanic technician doing a vehicle brake job repair.

La Palma Mobile Mechanic knows all about your car's brake system.  Let us help you diagnose your brake problems and get them resolved today.  Brakes are amongst the most crucial safety systems in your car.  When your rotors and brakes start to wear out, your vehicle's stopping ability could be seriously compromised.  By contacting us for brake service in La Palma when you notice an issue with your braking system, you can avoid dangerous driving conditions and further damage to your car.

Brake System Components

Master Cylinder

The master cylinder is accountable for powering the whole braking system. When the motorist puts pressure on the brake pedal, this will signal the master cylinder to send hydraulic fluid through the brake lines. The hydraulic power will trigger the brakes pistons and trigger the car to slow or stop.

Brake Caliper

The brake caliper is designed to house all of the different mechanical parts of a braking system. Inside the brake caliper, you will find the brake piston, brake pads, and brake rotors. If an automobile is experiencing braking issues, a mechanic might be needed to disassemble the brake caliper in order to repair it.

Brake Lines

A vehicle's brake lines are developed to transport brake fluid throughout the braking system. The master cylinder is linked to the other parts of the braking system through a series of brake lines. If the brake lines end up being harmed, a car might begin to leak brake fluid.

Brake Pads

A brake pad replacement is one of the most common brake repair services that any vehicle owner will have done. The brake pads are developed to grip the brake rotors, causing the car to slow or stop.  Since the brake pads get a high degree of friction, they will wear down more quickly than any other brake part.  Have your brake pads checked every time you have any auto repair services done on your car.

Brake Rotors

The brake rotors are directly connected to the wheels of a car or truck. As pressure is placed on the brake pads, the brake rotors will stop the rotation of the wheels.