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Photo of La Palma Mobile Mechanic performing a ball joint replacement to stabilize the chassis in Cypress, California.

The chassis is a critical part of an automobile and is what the vehicle body rests on.  It is a French term that signifies the frame or structure of a car.  The manufacturers identify it as the backbone of the automobile.  The framework makes up the engine, transmission system, brakes, axles, tires, and the frame.  The manufacturers mount all these elements on the frame while making a car or truck.

The chassis system provides the necessary strength to the automobile.  The connection of the frame with the automobile body adds power to its strength.  It is not less of a job to offer durability with minimum weight.  Rigidity remains the most important element while installing the body.  Rough and bumpy roadways produce a great impact and it is vital to make it strong and lightweight.

A strong structure is needed to carry heavy loads in automobiles.  The frame is the primary part of the chassis.  The professionals describe the frame rods as members.  There is a connection between side members and horizontal members. It provides appropriate toughness to the structure.  These cross members are the essential parts of cars and truck frame.

Managing becomes much easier when you drive with a high-quality suspension system.  Driving on bad road conditions makes a terrific impact on the suspension system.  It causes stress on the whole chassis of cars and trucks.  Quick acceleration causes stress on the suspension system.  Getting an understanding of suspension may be the most important factor while driving on rough conditions.

The brake system is another important part of an auto.  The chassis supports the braking system of the automobile and has to withstand abrupt braking in the car.   An automobile carrying a load might lose traction if the braking system is not working properly.  Big forces enter play when a heavily loaded car suddenly brakes.  It is important to design the auto's framework according to the force bearing capacity.

Manufacturers mount the engine on the car's frame and it serves as a power source in the automobiles.  The transmission system, brakes, acceleration, and all other circuits are linked to the chassis and engine.

Since there are so many factors that make up the chassis of a vehicle, identifying your particular problem could be difficult.  So, call La Palma Mobile Mechanic if you have issues with the brakes, steering, or handling as they could all be related.  We'll sort it out and get you on your way.