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Cypress History

The initial folks dwelling in the region currently called Cypress would be that the Gabrieleno, also a Native American tribe of the Tongva people, that had been displaced shortly after the birth of the Europeans. The authorities of Spain subsequently owned the property before Mexico gained its independence in 1821. Mexico subsequently lost Alta California into the United States throughout the period after the Bear Flag Revolt along with also the Mexican-American War.

The Spanish dons held massive tracts of property during California, which have been awarded instead of cover to soldiers. Manuel Nieto was among the first Roman dons or landowners in the region. Following his death in 1804, his sons kept title to Rancho Los Nietos, however, these lands were finally divided and dispersed among these in 1833 with a grant by the Mexican Navy, José Figueroa. Manuel's son, Juan José Nieto, kept the name to a huge part of his dad's original possessions in southern California that comprised the present-day region of Cypress. That property and other Rancho possessions were eventually sold to the Abel Stearns, subsequently obtained by the Robinson Trust, a group of shareholders, which finally parlayed their holdings to some huge land speculation enterprise.

Cypress initially was filmed"Waterville" because of the preponderance of artesian wells in the region but had been integrated under the title Dairy City from 1956 by local dairy farmers as a way of staving off programmers and also to conserve their own dairies, much enjoy the then-neighboring towns of Dairy Valley at Cerritos and Dairyland at La Palma. Following World War II, but the land became too valuable for farming or ranching, and also the dairies gradually sold to home developers throughout the 1960s, and so that from the 1970s no more dairies stayed. A number of the dairymen transferred their operations to Chino, in which evolution is once more pushing them from the region.

In 1957 neighborhood inhabitants voted to alter the title of"Dairy City" into"Cypress". The title has been removed out of Cypress Elementary School (originally constructed in 1895) that took its title in the Cypress trees planted to guard the schoolhouse in your seasonal Santa Ana winds. Cypress Elementary School also supplied the title for brand new Pacific Electric Railway channel on Walker Street in Lincoln Avenue if the Santa Ana Line has been finished in 1906, since"Waterville" had been utilized elsewhere in the computer system.

Back in 1981, the City of Cypress inaugurated an early birthday party for the City.


Cypress Geography


As stated by the United States Census Bureau, the town has an entire area of 17.1 square km (6.6 sq mi). 17.0 square km (6.6 sq mi) of its land and 0.14% is water.

Cypress is adjoining to the Imperial Estates area of Long Beach and the Coyote Creek bicycle route into the west and is located approximately 13 miles (21 kilometers ) northwest of Bolsa Chica. The nearest beach to the Orange County city of Cypress is located Seal Beach, which will be approximately 7.8 miles (12.6 km) from the middle of Cypress.

Cypress Map