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Photo of auto repair diagnostic scanner tool.

La Palma Mobile Mechanic technicians are masters at detecting automotive mechanical problems and then making the proper repair.  With all the systems that make our cars run properly as well as provide all the driving luxury we're so used to, a competent mechanic must understand how all these parts work together to accomplish the manufacturer's desired driving experience.  With today's cars and trucks being so sophisticated and complex, having capable mechanics that are highly skilled at diagnosing repair problems is of utmost importance.  In many instances, it can be difficult to determine if your vehicle's problem is due to issues with the electrical system or the fuel system.  Our knowledgeable workers will be able to figure out just what's wrong and correct it fast.  So, call us for any unknown or known automotive repair services and solve your problems today.

The best way to figure out what's causing your vehicle problems is to have us perform a diagnostic assessment. Call us if you have problems with your car and can't find the real problem.  Our expert team will diagnose the problem with your vehicle through computer diagnostics and years of car repair experience.

Your technician will then point out any system problems and failed or failing parts and suggest you replace it. Our technicians have the tools and experience to perform the most reliable and effective diagnostic tests.  We can perform the repairs at the scene to save you time and money.  So feel free to contact us to solve any problem with your car!

Our Mobile Diagnostic Process

Diagnostic Data Collection

Call us if you have any problems with your vehicle.  Our technicians will arrive at your location to collect all information on your vehicle.  To do this, they use a scan tool to communicate with the vehicle's onboard computer.  The scan tools collect freeze frame data, computer codes, software version numbers, status information, and sensor data. The information we accumulate here alone is not enough to diagnose your vehicle. This is how our technicians start the process.


After collecting all the necessary information, we will verify your system. For this, we check the fuel system, exhaust system, ignition system, engine vacuum, backpressure, and engine timing. If any of these systems fail, the check engine light may appear.  Systems can often blame the wrong component as the cause of the problem. We complete the verification to diagnose the problem and avoid unnecessary parts replacement.

Precision Testing

A few more accurate findings need to be collected during the diagnostic service for proper testing to conclusively identify the problem  For that, we perform a few other important steps.  Steps that are a check of potential suspects, bi-directional controls, mechanical/electrical tests, and wiring diagrams. 

Technical Service Bulletin Review

This test can give you an idea if there is a problem with the system that has been identified by the factory. This can be a known problem for your particular make and model of vehicle.  In many instances, the auto manufacturer will have provided recommended steps to rectify items identified in a technical service bulletin.

Vehicle Repairs

Once we have diagnosed the problem with your vehicle, we are ready to repair it. We take some steps as a result of diagnostic services depending on the vehicle problem.  Steps include replacing defective parts, repair or replacing wires, performing manufacturer updates, cleaning components, etc..

The Mobile Auto Repair Service

Once the repair is complete, we will re-inspect your vehicle. For this, we observe the whole vehicle once more to know the results of the repaired parts. This is mainly done to ensure that the correct results are returned.

La Palma Mobile Mechanic has ASE Certified Technician. Our skilled technicians can diagnose and repair problems with your vehicle through diagnostics. Your diagnostic system is a network of sensors and monitoring equipment that is built into the fabric of your vehicle.  This ensures that your vehicle is working properly.  Contact La Palma Mobile Mechanic and stop worrying about resolving issues with your car's cooling system, brake system, or any other mobile auto repair service.  We are always ready to repair your car at your location.