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Electrical System

Photo of new auto alternator being installed.

Electrical system problems are one of La Palma Mobile Mechanic repair service's most common calls..  We are masters at resolving electrical system problems and then making the proper repair.  With all the electrical components that make our cars run properly as well as provide all the driving luxury we're so used to, a competent mechanic must understand how all these parts work together to accomplish the manufacturer's desired driving experience.

Here are the electrical system components we see and repair all the time.


A battery has a useful life and over time it will eventually not be able to hold a charge and stop working. La Palma Mobile Mechanic technicians field many dead battery calls and make many replacements every month. If your car's engine doesn't turn over, just makes a clicking sound when you turn the key, or turns over very slowly, chances are your battery may be dead. Call us and we will send a technician to your location, perform a load test to determine if your battery is dead and help you resolve your dead battery problem fast. We can often handle the entire affair in about an hour.


Starters are an electric motor attached to a gear who's gear teeth meshes with the gear teeth on the engine's flywheel. When the starter motor is energized, and spins the flywheel, the engine turns over. When combined with the proper fuel/air mixture, suitable compression inside the cylinder, and a spark, the engine starts. Just like all things mechanical, starters eventually fail. Signs of a bad starter are a clicking sound of the starter solenoid being energized but not relaying power to the starter motor. Starter replacements are a common repair and service item for the professionals at La Palma Mobile Mechanic. If you're experiencing bad starter symptoms, just give us a call and we'll get your vehicle starting again.


A car's alternator recharges the battery whenever the car is running. When an alternator goes bad, it can sometimes send fewer amps back into the battery than it should. This puts a bigger strain on the battery as the depth of each charge and discharge cycle is greater than originally designed. Repeated deep discharge cycles prematurely age the battery, so having an alternator problem can cause battery problems. Also, sometimes the less than optimal alternator output might not be a problem if the driver isn't using a lot of electrical features of the vehicle. Things like the AC, lights, and audio system utilize electrical capacity. If that capacity isn't being tapped by the use of the lights for example, the relative harm to the battery might be negligible, but then during use of the additional electrical features, the problem surfaces.


Electrical fuses are designed to protect the wiring as well as the electrical components from irregular voltage spikes as well as shorts to ground that would otherwise cause damage. Fuses have a wire sized just big enough to allow the designed current to pass. When that is exceeded, the fuse blows and protects everything downstream from damage. Fuse boxes also allow for a centralized location for many electrical circuits to branch out from. This makes tracking down electrical problems easier than if each circuit were independent. Most cars have two fuse boxes, one in the engine compartment and one under the dashboard by the driver's knees.  Blown fuses can affect other systems of the car besides the electrical system, like the AC/heater, or cause other challenges that require a diagnostic assessment.  But whatever the problem, you can trust that La Palma Mobile Mechanic Services has the solution for you and your car.