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Engine Repairs

La Palma Mobile Mechanic replacing a timing belt engine repairs for a late-model Ford Mustang in La Palma, California.

Engine repairs lie at the heart of what good mechanics know and understand as the engine powers your vehicle.  The technicians at La Palma Mobile Mechanic are always ready to solve any problem related to vehicle engine malfunctions.  All of our technicians are ASE Certified and have vast experience with all the symptoms of internal engine problems as well as the repair solutions to correct the problem.  Our team is experienced with engine problems of both foreign and domestic vehicles.  Below are the typical symptoms that often indicate an internal engine problem.

Power Loss

  • Power loss can be a dangerous situation for any vehicle. This problem usually appears during acceleration from the stop. It can also appear many times when trying to pass another car. If you have a power loss problem with your vehicle, repair it as soon as possible. La Palma Mobile Mechanic can solve problems related to power loss, so call us for repairs.


  • The smoke exhaust is harmful to car engines. This can be due to various reasons such as blown head, cracked head, excess piston and piston ring gap, bad fuel, failed sensor, etc. Whatever the reason, La Palma Mobile Mechanic technicians have enough experience to repair it. If you see smoke coming out of the vehicle engine, or excessive smoke coming out of the tailpipe, please contact us without delay

Check Engine Light

  • The check engine light monitors the movement of the engine. It turns red and yellow to say the severity of your engine problem.  Ignoring check engine light warnings can lead to dangerous accidents. Call us if you see any kind of warning in the engine light of your vehicle.  We will diagnose the problem by observing your engine check light signal and then make whatever engine repairs are necessary to fix it.


  • Misfiring is due to the weakness of the engine. The reasons are foul spark plug, cracked distributor cap, thin fuel mixture, slippery timing belt/chain. The skilled mechanics of La Palma Mobile Mechanic often repair misfire problems.  Misfiring can cause serious damage to your vehicle's engine, so address it quickly it if this issue occurs.


  • If there is a fire in the back of the car due to burning fuel or air mixture, it is backfiring. During backfiring the fuel gas explodes outside the engine combustion chamber causing damage to the exhaust system. The problem of backfiring is a serious problem for any vehicle. Call us if you have a problem with your vehicle backfiring. Our skilled team is always ready to solve the problem.

Strange Engine Sounds

  • Call us if you hear strange noises while driving your vehicle. Such noise may be due to serious engine problems. If there is such a problem, turn off the engine immediately, otherwise, a major accident can happen. Our technicians can solve this problem. Office, home, or road, wherever you encounter this problem we will reach your location.


  • Modern vehicle engines use many sensors such as Thermo-couples sensors, RTD sensors, and Hall Effect sensors. The sensors include a control unit to control the engine function. Thermo-couples change the electrical charge over the temperature by sensors. The RTD sensors measures and controls the temperature as the engine coolant temperature. Call us if you have any problems with the engine sensors.

The Final Word

  • Besides the above problems, La Palma  Mobile Mechanic is an expert at solving engine problems caused by failing belts, hoses, etc.  And whether your car is modern or a classic, our technicians will know what to do do.  We're knowledgeable on both foreign as well as domestic models so we'll be able to solve any engine problems you may have.  At your home, office, or road, we are always ready to make engine repairs, no matter the location.