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La Palma Mobile Mechanic Service

This picture is about La Palma Mobile Mechanic service van at a customer home in La Palma, California.
This photo is about La Palma Mobile Mechanic on site repairing a car in Cerritos, CA.


The diagnostic expertise of the La Palma Mobile Mechanic team is without peers.  Our trained and experienced mechanics will utilize the latest tools, equipment, knowledge, and their vast experience to identify exactly what's wrong with your car or truck, explain it to you in plain language, and then after you've given us the "go ahead", get busy making the repair.  Customers in La Palma, Cerritos, Artesia, Cypress, and Buena Park have relied on our men to ferret out their vehicle's woes and get them back on the road fast.  .....and best of all, we'll do it at your home, work, or other suitable location so that you won't be put out dealing with all the other issues that come into play when you have car troubles.

Electrical System

Electrical problems represent a good portion of the challenges that La Palma Mobile Mechanic service repair technicians see on a daily basis.  Whether it's problems with your car's battery, alternator, starter, or something else altogether, our friendly and wise team members will figure it out and get it repaired fast.  Depending on how far away you are from an auto parts store when your battery dies, most simple battery replacements can be handled in about an hour.  Alternators can take longer depending on their positioning in the engine compartment.  The same can be expected with a starter replacement.  The best part about using us is that you'll know exactly what's wrong with your car and how best to address it.

Fuel System

La Palma Mobile Mechanic makes a lot of fuel system repairs on all types of foreign and domestic cars and trucks all over La Palma and neighboring cities.  You can have clogged fuel injectors, a carboned up throttle body, or an older carburetor that's in need of a rebuild.  Regardless of the fuel system problem, our auto repair techs can handle it.

Engine Repairs

Vehicle engine repairs encompass a wide array of troubles.  From internal engine components like the crank, cam(s), and pistons, to the heads, valves, timing gears, timing chains or timing belts, to all the ancillary components that make an internal combustion engine run, La Palma Mobile Mechanic service offers knowledgeable, trained, and certified auto repair professionals that have seen it and have fixed it.

Belts & Hoses

The mobile auto repair techs at La Palma Mobile Mechanic also make many repairs for broken belts and leaking hoses.  Belts and hoses wear out and eventually fail.  When they do, you don't want to be stranded and forced to tow your vehicle to a shop.  That's the perfect time to call us and have us come to you and replace that failed belt or hose and allow you to get back on your way.  You'll save time and trouble as well as money since you won't need to have your car towed to a shop only to wait for them to get to it.

Cooling System

Your vehicle's cooling system is made up of many different parts that each have a specific function.  La Palma Mobile Mechanic knows exactly how they all work together to help keep your car's engine cool.  Parts like the radiator, fan, fan clutch, hoses, water pump, thermostat, temperature sensors, and even dashboard warning lights all are incorporated into a system designed to keep your engine running at the optimal temp.  Any failure of one of these parts can lead to overheating and severe engine damage.  Even seasonal radiator flushes are things our men handle regularly.


Let La Palma Mobile Mechanic take care of your brake jobs at your home or work while you do the things you need to do.  We're experienced with both disc and drum brakes as well as the master cylinder, wheel cylinders, rotors, pads, calipers, drum shoes, and the drums.  Our mobile mechanic service techs will use a micrometer and measure the wear on your discs or drums and either replace them with new ones or have yours machined and reinstalled.


Newer vehicles have more complicated exhaust systems than in the past and La Palma Mobile Mechanic knows about the added complexities that are in today's exhaust system components.  We're familiar with all the emission control sensors, catalytic converters, and oxygen sensors.  Whereas older exhaust systems used to just get the gasses from the engine to the back of the car, newer systems are designed, tuned, and use monitoring sensors to make sure that everything about the way your engine is running is just right.


The chassis comprises all the parts that give an automobile structure.  Some of the parts that comprise the chassis never need to be touched, like the rigid frame of a car or truck.  But other parts like the shocks, struts, A-frames, as well as bearings and bushings wear out and need replacing.  If you have chassis problems, call us to have one of our skilled technicians solve your problem.


Here in Southern California, the AC/Heater is a major concern.  Driving around in the hot summer in 100-degree weather will melt most of us.  If your air conditioning system is not keeping your car cool, maybe you just need to have your refrigerant recharged.   You also don't want to be freezing while your driving in the dead of winter with a broken heater.  Call La Palma Mobile Mechanic and we'll get your AC/Heater working properly.