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Things to do in Cerritos, CA

Photo of water features at Heritage Park in Cerritos, CA.

Here's one for the bookworms out there!  The Cerritos Public Library was actually influenced by the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.  Its collection contains all you'd find in a modern library and more.  Detailing all the things you'd find in most libraries, you'll find information on Cerritos' history.  And Aside from the normal fare of new bestsellers, children's books, and recommendation products, it includes leather-bound books and uncommon first editions.  However, the public library in Cerritos isn't only for books. It was rededicated in 2002 with a new name: the New Cerritos Library and it includes a futuristic design. It contains an "Experience Library" concentrated on themed areas, high-quality artwork, inspirational architecture, and more.

If you are ready for a classy getaway, you must have a look at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts (CCPA).  The CCPA is among the premier performing arts and conference facilities in Southern California.   The Center provides exciting music, dance, and theater performances in addition to centers for meetings, banquets, and other unique occasions.  Without a doubt, anyone looking to see a terrific live performance will find it here.

Following a time-honored classic, everyone in Cerritos of any age ought to go bowling!  AMF Cerritos is a great way to invest an evening tearing down pins, participating in contests and free gifts, and taking pleasure in the weekend food and drink specials all night long.  There are over 40 lanes equipped with huge video walls and plush seating,  In addition to an interactive game, air hockey, and a bowling Pro Look for the experts. There's likewise a full-length sports bar total with several TVs and an excellent choice of beer and cocktails.

Beyond simply bowling, there is the Cerritos Sports Complex, a 26-acre area with devices and areas for every single sport you can think of.  Some of the features of the Cerritos Sports Complex consist of:

Play area locations
Two baseball/softball combination fields
3 softball fields
Concession stand with outdoor eating area
6 athletic fields for soccer, football, rugby, etc
Outside of the Cerritos Sports Complex, you'll also find a number of other facilities in the area to accommodate whatever athletic activities couples desire, which includes a number of neighborhood gymnasiums for indoor activities like basketball or gymnastics.
The Cerritos Skate Park-- ideal for skateboarders, longboarders, BMX riders, and viewers
The Iron-Wood Nine Golf Course, geared up with 9 holes for you to master your golf video game with your partner
The Olympic Swim and Gym, which has both Olympic-size swimming pools and a full workout facility
Whether you just want to spend an afternoon working out or you're a professional athlete, you'll find whatever you need to match your requirements near your apartment in Cerritos.


Cerritos has lots of alternatives for individuals to check out, specifically in the large shopping districts like:

Cerritos Towne
Los Cerritos Center
Cerritos Boardwalk
Plaza 183
Landmark Square
Cerritos Plaza
The local farmer's market also has many fresh fruits and vegetables that might grab your interest.  You can find a fantastic range of fruit and vegetables, herbs, spices and meats, plants, and in some cases even live music and occasions every Saturday from 8 AM to noon.  You ought to remember that Cerritos is a part of Los Angeles County. The towns nearby consisting of Los Angeles itself are streaming with fantastic shopping. That's what makes this location one of the shopping capitals of the world.

Something Cerritos has no scarcity of is beautiful public lands.  The quantity of enjoyable activities you can think up to enjoy in the great outdoors is virtually limitless.  And the best thing about public parks is that they're complimentary.  So, think about visiting these area parks:

Heritage Park
Liberty Park
Cerritos Regional County Park
Cerritos Park East
Westgate Park
Frontier Park
Satellite Park
Friendship Park
Saddleback Park
Loma Park
Brookhaven Park
Gridley Park
Tank Hill Park
Sunshine Park
Rosewood Park

Perhaps you still aren't convinced about what there actually is to do in all these parks.  While a lot of them have their own unique elements, here are some activities you can do at practically every public park in Cerritos:

Exercise on the playground
Enjoy a special occasion
Have a picnic
Go jogging
Play Frisbee
Arrange a scavenger hunt
Spend time with your pets

Cerritos offers many things to do for anyone adventurous enough to give them a try.  We're fortunate to have many local drivers choose us as their mobile mechanic in Cerritos.