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Vehicle Inspections

Photo of new auto alternator being installed.

Purchasing a used car can be nerve-wracking.  When excited buyers get mentally wrapped up in the vehicle purchase, they often miss mechanical, cosmetic, and safety concerns throughout visual assessments and test drives.  These problems are intensified if the vehicle being acquired lies in another city and is purchased prior to being seen personally.  To get rid of much of the stress and anxiety and get an accurate picture of the condition of the automobile, numerous purchasers choose to have a vehicle inspection done prior to the sale.

What is a vehicle inspection?
A vehicle inspection is a comprehensive evaluation by a qualified mechanic that determines the cosmetic, mechanical, and security conditions of a vehicle.  Most examinations are done by a certified mechanic or an automotive service technician who is educated in the make and model of the car or truck being checked.  The intent of the inspection is to discover the existing condition or to reveal maintenance shortcomings that may end up being possible safety or financial concerns.

Should I get a pre-purchase inspection?
A pre-purchase inspection is highly recommended when acquiring a vehicle without a guarantee, or when the vehicle lies in another city.  When there is no guarantee, the purchaser is immediately presuming all the risks in the event of a breakdown or major mechanical problem.  For this reason, a qualified pre-purchase inspection makes monetary sense.  When the purchaser is unable to take a test drive, cars in other cities present extra difficulties.  With simply a couple of telephone calls, you can frequently set up a pre-purchase inspection with a local seller where the vehicle can be dropped off for a few hours. The resulting inspection report gives the buyer added security throughout a long-distance transaction.

Where can I get a pre-purchase inspection?
A pre-purchase inspection can be done by La Palma Mobile Mechanic as we have many skilled mechanics who understand the fundamentals of vehicle systems and can assess the condition of the car you are purchasing.

What should be examined?
Sadly, there isn't an industry-wide accepted standard or schedule for a pre-purchase inspection.  The expense of the assessment generally identifies the depth and information of the inspection.  A basic evaluation will be primarily visual, which includes putting the car on a hydraulic lift and looking for leaks or broken components.  A more involved examination will include a comprehensive road test where elements such as steering and brakes can be examined.  A thorough inspection will consist of examining engine compression and a computer system engine analysis.  Call La Palma Mobile Mechanic and have a discussion on exactly how extensive of a vehicle inspection would be right for you.

How much should it cost, and who pays?
The purchaser typically pays for the pre-purchase assessment.  A fundamental pre-purchase inspection will cost $100 to $200.  For that rate, you can expect a good overall mechanical and safety examination, consisting of a test drive of the automobile.

The pre-purchase assessment is generally finished prior to the sale; nevertheless, in some instances, the sale is contingent on the conclusion of a satisfactory inspection.  A clean report is an exceptional sales tool, while a questionable inspection report can kill the deal.  To be reasonable to both parties, both the purchaser and the seller need to agree on the terms of the inspection before the evaluation happens.

Your La Palma Mobile Mechanic will go through all the vehicle systems and leave you with a detailed report identifying the condition of all the various vehicle electrical systems that are important to the operation of your car.