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La Palma Mobile Mechanic

Mobile Auto Repair Services Done at Your Convenience

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Photo of La Palma Mobile Mechanic making a service call to Cerritos, CA, and replacing the car's fuel injectors.
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    La Palma Auto Repair Service

    Work with La Palma Mobile Mechanic for auto repair to fix any problems with your car.  Our mobile auto repair services will save you time and hassle when you're in need of a La Palma mechanic or a mobile auto mechanic in the area.  We are the number one choice for mobile auto repair services in La Palma, Cerritos, Artesia, Cypress, and other surrounding cities.  Our technicians are experienced and certified, and they are skilled in diagnosing vehicle mechanical problems in your vehicle and making necessary repairs.

    We provide high-quality auto repair services at your location and at your convenience.  By using our services, you can avoid the burden of traveling to an auto repair shop.  Call us for worry-free local mechanic services.   La Palma Mobile Mechanic will come to your home or office wherever you need and make the vehicle repairs you need at prices often lower than that of a local car repair service center.

    Our mechanic services are done by skilled and experienced technicians that have ASE Certifications so you'll know that your car or truck will be properly taken care of and that the repair will be done right.  Since we're a mobile auto repair service, we don't have the overhead cost of a traditional brick and mortar shop. and that means we can pass along those savings on to you.  You will save time, the hassle of finding rides, sitting around in a waiting room waiting for your car to be fixed, towing expenses, and, most importantly, money.

    Mobile Mechanic Services

    La Palma Mobile Mechanic is not only a mobile mechanical service provider, but we also provide other services. You may be surprised to see a list of our service providers. In addition to car repairs, we also have a brake shop. The brake system's importance is essential for the operation of the vehicle, so we also ensure the perfect operation of the brakes of your car, truck, or van. We provide diagnostics of any type of vehicle, engine tune-up, and regular vehicle maintenance. Below is a list of all the services we provide:

      • Diagnostic
      • Electrical System Repairs
      • Fuel System Repairs
      • Engine Repairs
      • Belts & Hoses
      • Brakes
    Photo of car battery being replaced.
    Photo of vehicle disc brake pads being changed.
    Photo of auto valve cover gasket being replaced.
    Photo of new auto upper radiator hose being replaced.
    Photo of vehicle drive shaft u-joint after replacement.
      • Vehicle Inspections
      • Cooling System
      • Exhaust System
      • Chassis
      • Fluid Leaks
      • Air Conditioning & Heater

    Our mobile auto repair services include repairs to all systems of late model cars and trucks. We work on brands such as Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler, GMC, Lincoln, Cadillac, Dodge, Pontiac, Jeep, Oldsmobile, and Buick. In addition to these domestic models, we also make repairs on imports such as Toyota, Nissan, Honda, BMW, Infinity, Mercedes, Acura, Volvo, Isuzu, Kia, Saturn, Bugatti, and Mazda,

    Since we are a mobile service and we will get to wherever you are, call us 626-240-1260 without worrying if your vehicle is damaged on the road. All of our technicians are certified, so you can be sure that the repair is done properly. In general, we can solve about 95% of the problems that a store can provide, only a few specific auto breakdowns that require a lift are out of our range. However, we have service partners with shopping access to handle these cases.

    How Does It Work?

    When you have a mechanical problem with your vehicle, just call us. Our friendly, knowledgeable service technician will get your contact information and your location and ask questions to narrow down your vehicle problem. Our experts will usually ask you a few questions about your vehicle, like the year, make, model, and the behavior or signs that appear. After knowing all the information, we will set up an appointment time and send the field mechanic accordingly.

    The field mechanic will then assess your vehicle's problem upon arrival; Conduct the necessary diagnostic testing and explain the problem to you in simple terms. Our technology will then inform you about labor and price. We have strong relationships and connections with some local part suppliers. There are part grade or level options; if there are, he will also tell you the differences. After informing everything, he will inform you about the total cost of repairs.

    Current vehicles are more complex than ever and have many interconnected problems that can present themselves in the way automobiles run, so we will not make any repairs without identifying them. We will also determine what other mechanical devices previously did. If any local auto repair has been a mistake before, we can diagnose it. Also, on normal road trips, there is a lot of wear and tear in your car which starts system faults or engine failure, no repair is given to solve it, but our experts are able to fix it. Once your vehicle is repaired, we will provide you with a voucher for the full cost of repairs and charge accordingly.

    How Much Will It Cost?

    As the number one auto repair service in and around La Palma, La Palma Mobile Mechanic costs will often be less than a traditional shop.  And with our great professional service and technically capable mobile auto technicians, you won't see any difference in the quality of the repair, only a lower price.  Since we are free from the overhead cost of brick and mortar facilities, we are able to provide top service at a lower cost that doesn't have to factor in the rent of the building and its utilities.  We charge $95 for a diagnostic service charge that will conclusively identify the problem with your vehicle.  That charge gets you an hour of an ASE Certified technician's time.

    After diagnosing the problem, you will be presented with the cost estimate to make the repair.  Should you choose to have us make the identified repair, any time left over after the diagnosis will be applied to the repair service.  Basically, $95 is the per hour rate with the first hour guaranteed, regardless of how long the diagnosis takes.  Also, La Palma Mobile Mechanic won't make repairs from another mechanic's diagnosis without a signed release indicating you are aware that the diagnosis might be inaccurate and you release us from any liability should the repair not resolve your vehicle's problem.

    Our experienced team is always ready to deliver the required service at your location.   Just one call to us will free you from the burden of taking your vehicle to the service center for repairs. and all the challenges that go along with it.  We provide a full guarantee and warranty of the work which will include parts and labor warranty.

    Photo of La Palma Mobile Mechanic performing an auto diagnostic for a service problem in Artesia, CA.
    Photo of auto technician writing up a servive work order.

    Why You Should Choose La Palma Mobile Mechanic

    When choosing a mobile auto repair service, there are many reasons why La Palma Mobile Mechanic should be first on your list.  We are ASE certified, and we have 40 years of combined auto repair experience.  ASE certified means that the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence has verified that an auto technician has accumulated the necessary experience and passed specific vehicle systems tests on repair procedures and that they are trained to identify and repair auto-related service problems.  Our experienced mechanics know all the systems of foreign and domestic, latest model vehicles.  We are able to diagnose and repair your vehicle right the first time regardless of whether the problem is with the brakes, spark plugs, cooling system, fuel system, lubrication, suspension, chassis, exhaust, electrical, belts and hoses, fluid, drive train, or anything else.

    La Palma Mobile Mechanic employees are high-quality character individuals who are helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, skilled, and honest.  We always try to exceed your expectations with our services.  We make sure that once you use our services, you will refer us to your acquaintances and friends and come back to us again and again.

    See What La Palma Mobile Mechanic Customers Have to Say

    "Our San Francisco based company found a Sprinter Van for sale with a unique custom build-out in the back for our service guys that was for sale near La Palma.  We didn't want to take a day off and fly down to LA just to see it, but we wanted to be sure about how it was mechanically.  We found La Palma Mobile Mechanic online and gave them a call to see if the did pre-purchase vehicle inspections.  Having them do an inspection saved us from going down there ourselves, and the comprehensive report and detail about its condition were spot on.  It was an easy transaction and we received accurate insight on the van's condition.  We ended up buying the van and it's worked out perfectly for our service team.  Thanks, La Palma Mobile Mechanic"

    Brent Longford

    "My 2016 Mercedes GLE had the passenger window stuck halfway down and just the anxiety it caused made me want to get it fixed as soon as possible.  I called La Palma Mobile Mechanic and spoke with Alex.  He setup a mechanic to come out to my home.  The young man that showed up was named Rafael and he got to my home right on time.  He took the door apart and did some testing of the opener motor and said that it was working fine, so the problem had to be a short.  After a few more minutes he said he figured out what the problem was and that he'd already fixed it.  He put the door panel back on and was done in less than an hour.  I thought that it was going to cost me hundreds of dollars for a new motor and instead, it was $95.  I am very happy and will call them again should I have any other problems."

    Julie Stein

    "I drive down to La Palma for work a couple of times per week from Ventura and one day, my Hyundai Genesis wouldn't start when I was trying to go to lunch.  So I used my phone and searched for Auto Repair in La Palma and La Palma Mobile Mechanic popped up.  I checked out their listing on the internet and figured I'd call them to see if they could help me out.  Damian showed up, did some quick testing, and told me I needed a new alternator.  He then left for about 20 minutes before returning with the new alternator.  He installed it while I stayed in my office and finished my work.  A bit later he texted me letting me know he was finished.  The idea of using a mobile mechanic makes so much sense, I'm really glad I found these guys.  They were great, and I was able to drive home without any extra hassles.

    Robert Nelson

    Why You Should Trust La Palma Mobile Mechanic When You Search for "Find a Mobile Mechanic Near Me"

    Our mobile vehicles are equipped with the proper equipment and tools to figure out what's wrong with your car and get it fixed fast.   Simple Google searches such as, 'Fix my car', 'Mechanic near me', or 'Mobile auto repair near me' will find service providers but if you want to get the best mobile auto repair service in the city of La Palma, a search for ‘La Palma mobile mechanic' should pull us up.

    You can receive the fastest service by calling us. We will first ask some questions about what problems you are facing, where you're located, the make, model, and year of your vehicle.  Then we'll dispatch a tech to your location to help you when you need it most.  Our experienced team is always ready for your call and motivated to provide the best service so that you can get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.  In addition to phone calls, there are now many means of communication through which you can contact us, such as email, Facebook, and Instagram.

    What Areas Do You Service?

    La Palma Mobile Mechanic provides auto repair services in La Palma and its surrounding area. We are proud to have built a sterling reputation for the La Palma area as well as surrounding cities that call on us. We bring experienced and certified technicians to you for your convenience and repair all mechanical issues that vehicles have. Our team is able to provide expert diagnostics and mechanical services for any vehicle problem. The goal of our organization is service and professionalism.

    We service customers in the city of La Palma as well as those in Cerritos, Artesia, Hawaiian Gardens, Norwalk, Cypress, Bellflower, Los Alamitos, Buena Park, Lakewood, La Mirada, Rossmoor, Stanton, Paramount, Santa Fe Springs, and East La Mirada.  You can easily find us by searching online 'car fix near me', 'mobile auto mechanic near me', or 'mobile auto repair near me',

    Check out the map HERE to see our service area.

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